Intel Foundation Awards Major Prize to St. Pius: February 2015

Past pupil Niall Moore dropped in earlier in the year and let us know that Intel was planning to award ten bursaries for innovative educational projects.
"In Dublin," we asked, "or is it a wider competition; all Ireland, perhaps?"
"No . . . it's a worldwide initiative," was Niall's response, "but if you're not in, you can't win."
Needless to remark we didn't think we had a chance but if it's one thing we don't lack, it's optimism. Sinéad Lally, our science guru, set about putting a comprehensive proposal together, aided and abetted by the aforementioned Niall Moore.
After many weeks of deliberation, the judges announced their decision. Bursaries would be awarded to . . .
Malaysia Go Green
Vietnam Mobile Library
Shanghai Youth Centre
Carolina Special Olympics
Taiwan English Programme . . . . .and . . . . wait for it . . .
St. Pius X BNS Dublin, Science Library Project: 4,500 dollars
Ms. Lally and her team will begin implemention over the next few months aiming to maximise exposure to science to as many students as possible and to cement the status of St. Pius X BNS as a science and technology school.

In the photograph are Mr. Ronan McMahon, Chairperson BoM, Ms. Sinéad Lally, SPX Minister for Science, Mr. Dermot Lynch, Principal and Dr. Tony Holohan, SPX BoM.


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Snippets from Friday's Science Display

Listen to our fourth class science boffins explain their projects to the sixth class boys. Make sure the sound is turned on.

Science Week 2012

Science week is a very important week in our school where science gets special attention. This year, among a range of activities, 4th class boys took part in the Intel Mini Scientist Project. The boys presented a range of interesting and exciting projects from bridges, to C.S.I, to poisonous animals. The judges and parents were extremely impressed with the projects and a winning entry was very difficult to choose. Eventually, after careful deliberation, the CSI project won. Well done to Sean, Ross, Mark and Dillon!

4th class boys represented St. Pius X BNS in the Intel Mini Scientist Final in Trinity College on 13th December. The boys put on an excellent display of their project and did St. Pius X proud. Well done to Sean, Ross, Mark and Dillon!

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St .Patrick's College comes to St. Pius to film science

St Pius X boys have become famous for their fantastic science work and as a result Greg and Cliona from the science dept. in St. Patrick's College of Education decided to come out and film the boys carrying out some of their science investigations. Cliona and Greg were highly impressed with the boys. Some boys should definitely make the Oscars shortlist!! A DVD will be made from this and used in the training of teachers in the future.

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