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Some of our fifth and sixth class boys have created crosswords which you might like to enjoy.

Sixth Class Crosswords and Solutions
Fifth Class Crosswords and Solutions

Sixth Class Crosswords and Solutions
Fifth Class Crosswords and Solutions

Sixth Class Crosswords and Solutions
Fifth Class Crosswords and Solutions

Fifth Class Crosswords
Fifth Class Solutions
Sixth Class Crosswords
Sixth Class Solutions

Stories from our Young Writers

Pierce Comerford, Sixth Class

Personally, I've never had coffee before. No idea what it tastes like.
To read Pierce's story click HERE

Ronan Doherty, Sixth Class

It was just a normal day. Well a normal day for me anyway . . .
To read Ronan's story click HERE

Conor Moore, Sixth Class

"Finally," said John, "They have my horoscope in the papers."
To read Conor's story click HERE

Seán Byrne, Sixth Class

David was lounging on his couch watching 'Britain's Got Talent' when he heard the unmistakable chime of the doorbell. Reluctantly, he hauled himself off the sofa to see who it was . . .
To read Seán's story click HERE

Jack Cooke, Sixth Class

John was an ornithologist. Although he thoroughly enjoyed his job, he always felt as though there was something missing in his day to day encounters with the wonderful animals of the wild . . .
To read Jack's story click HERE

Matthew Dillon, Sixth Class

Bang! Bang! Bang! There were three knocks on my front door at the time of 03.17a.m. I thought it was my dream so I ignored it. Bang! Bang! Bang! There it was again. I wondered who would be knocking on my door in the middle of the night so I reluctantly (and quite annoyed that I'd been woken) got out of my bed to answer.
To read Matt's story click HERE

Colm Leahy, Sixth Class

Joe was loving his life, he had a great job, owned a big house and was a father of two. He wanted his life to continue as it was but little did he know that as he went to bed that night his life would never the same when he woke up the next morning.
To read Colm's story click HERE

Eddie Hogan, Sixth Class

John O'Connell was just a normal every day photographer who worked for the Irish Times . . .
To read Eddie's story click HERE

Joe Kenny, Fifth Class

"John. Get up. You're going to be late for school." 13 year old John got up wearily. Reluctantly he got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.
To read Joe's story click HERE

Ben McCarthy, Fifth Class

John McDonald was an ordinary child. He did his homework and brushed his teeth as most other kids do. Yet John often found that he led a slightly boring and predictable life.
To read Ben's story click HERE

Seán Fourth Class

My plane touched down at 4:20am in the Elephant Islands and I headed straight to the harbour. When I got there I was joined by my tour guide David Attenborough who was escorting my Land Rover.
To read Sean's story click HERE

Seán Fifth Class

Legend tells us that eons ago Romas, King of Jabo, was killed by his brother Zoosa. Zoosa was immediately banished from the kingdom and was never seen again. In the fear that their kingdom would haunt them . . .
To read Sean's story click HERE

Jacob Sixth Class

Ethan Morgan was the night watchman at GB and Sons Bank in Brampton, Canada. He liked his job even though it was a bit boring. This was his second . . .
To read Jacob's story click HERE

Eddie Fifth Class

3000 years ago a man named Abets made a beautiful chalice called the Chalice of Puja but it suddenly disappeared for 3000 years but has now supposedly reappeared. It
To read Eddie's story click HERE

Colm Fifth Class

An ancient story tells us that hundreds of years ago, Rory O'Connor, the last king of Ireland, was assassinated by the Vikings of Scandinavia outside his castle in Tara. The story said that
To read Colm's story click HERE

Ben Mc Fourth Class

The plane touched down at 11:30 at the Santa Maria Airport after a long 12 hour journey from Dublin. I looked at the signs that people were holding until I saw one with . . .
To read Ben's story click HERE

Joe K Fourth Class

As my plane touched down in Furnace Creek Airport, California, I looked out the window at the American morning. I had travelled through the night and I was really tired.
To read Joe's story click HERE

Matt D Sixth Class

Taoiseach Garrett Fitzgerald was being especially unhelpful and pejorative yet again on this particular matter. The year: 1985. The date: 4th of March. The time: 10:54.
To read Matt's story click HERE

Conor D Sixth Class

It was late. The rain lashed down on the bleak landscape. A man was looking out at the sea watching the waves crash endlessly on the jagged cliffs below. His name was Kurt Levski
To read Conor's book click HERE

Brody Sixth Class

James, a fifteen year old boy, lay under the covers at midnight playing 'Professor Layton and the Curious Village.' He heard a thump outside and he knew that his dad was going to sleep. James decided it was time to hit the hay.
To read the rest of Brody's book click HERE

Brian Sixth Class (illustrated by the author)

It was a cold night, a storm was raging outside. There are a lot of storms around Florida, even a couple tornadoes came a while back. I tossed and turned in my hammock
To read Brian's illustrated book click HERE

Conor B Sixth Class

It started when Chinasealed its borders. For ten years no one could go across the borders and no one could come fromChina. But some people inside China gave us information . .
To read Conor's book click HERE

Zak Fifth Class

It is the middle of World War 2 and Hilts, Heir MacDonald and 'The Big X' are planning their escape. They were sent to this concentration camp after Hitler had the idea of putting all the escape artists in the one camp.
To read the rest of Zak's story click HERE

Sean M, Sixth Class

"We are, even as I speak, entering orbit of planet Earth. We will need a human to experiment on before operation 'King' can proceed. We have located a suitable . . . "
To read the rest of Sean's story click HERE

Sean R, Sixth Class

Paradas is a very big French bank, although this one wasn't in France, this particular Paradas bank is situated in St. Stephen's Green, Dublin. Concealed inside the bank's huge safe . . .
To read the rest of Sean's book click HERE

By Gavin T, Sixth Class

Laura Downing was a bargain hunter. She would buy anything that was in a sale even if she didn't need it. And when she saw a flight and accommodation for only . . .
To read the rest of Gavin's story click HERE

By David C, Sixth Class

"Yes, Sirs?" said Jose- Antonio Garcia to his bosses confidently. "Do we have the money from the last raid yet?" asked Declan Maguire. "No sir, I'm afraid not sir . . ."
To read the rest of David's book click HERE 

Young Writers

Summary of Arthur Quinn by Eoghan Daly
This book is about a boy named Arthur Quinn who moved from Kerry to Dublin. His dad got a job in the new metro. During Arthur's first night in Dublin he has a dream, with a man in a fishing boat called Loki. The following day he meets Ash and Will. When Arthur settled in his new class, they were learning about the new Metro. When Arthur informed his teacher that his dad worked there she asked if his dad could arrange a tour of the Metro. When they go down to the Metro site, Will runs off from the crowd and down to the river Poodle. Arthur and Ash followed him. As they explored the underground they saw a glowing pendent. A waved crashed in on them and soon water was up to the height of their shoulders. When they escaped they wrote a review of their trip to the Metro. Arthur's teacher Miss Keegan was really annoyed with Arthur, Will and Ash. When he started writing Arthur saw weird marks on his page. He then fell asleep to have another weird dream. In the dream the gods gathered to hear god Loki had escaped. Loki had also made three sons. Miss Keegan gave the class a project on the Metro. Ash and Will were partners. They did the history of the Metro. They found a toy train and a few bits of train tracks. They did not have enough tracks to make a train track so they went to the toy store to get some more. While in the store Arthur encountered Loki singing a lullaby in a playhouse. Ash went onto the net and saw a picture of Will! He was the son of a Viking Lord. To find out more they said to come over for a movie to Wills. Arthur hid the pendent in a bowl of popcorn. When Will went to take a handful he fell to the ground with pain for the pendent burned when touched by Viking Lords. Will told his story. When Arthur went to bed he had a very very strange dream. The gods were talking about Loki escaping. The only person who could stop him was a boy and his friends. That night Arthur's dad was attacked by Loki. He broke his ribcage and a few other things. Arthur wanted to murder Loki. They went back underground to be startled by Will. Will revealed himself to be Loki! He went into a room with a Serpent and smashed out up to Dublin. Arthur was scared when dead Vikings came to life. They talked in strange languages. They helped Arthur destroy Loki and the serpent. When the serpent was killed Arthur got a sledge hammer and Killed Loki.