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Friends for Life

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Ms. Brogan's first class have been participating in Fun Friends with Ms. Kennedy for the past few weeks! As you can see they enjoyed practising milkshake breathing and pizza massages as a way of calming down and relaxing! They even made a pizza massage train!

Our wellness week has been very well received and we hope the boys will have learned some strategies for dealing with Rotha Mór an tSaoil.

Foxy Loxy

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An urban fox recently spotted by Eoghan in Ms. Stewart's class.

Quizzler Awards

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Well done to our quiz champs, Donagh and Charlie, with the perpetual Pius Jubilee shield pictured with Mr. Gaynor. Donagh (5th/6th) and Charlie (3rd/4th) had the highest overall scores in the school during the course of the year's quizzlers which comprised 3 sets of 5 quizzes.

Senior Quiz Winners:
Mr. Geraghty - James
Mr. Glynn - Patrick
Mr. Dillon - Henry
Ms. O'Connor - Derry
Mr. Murtagh - Donagh

Junior Quiz Winners:
Mr. Faherty - Ben
Mr. Réamonn - Tomás
Ms. Dunne - Charlie
Ms. Crosbie - Joe

Senior Runners Up:
Mr. Geraghty - Lochlann & Kerrin
Mr. Glynn - Ben B & Ben K
Mr. Dillon - Ashen & Jack
Ms. O'Connor - Niall & Alan
Mr. Murtagh - Dan, Patrick & Conall

Junior Quiz Runners Up:
Mr. Faherty - Kayden & Henry
Mr. Réamonn - John & Jack
Ms. Dunne - Archie & Jack
Ms. Crosbie - Levi & Kevin

June Assembly 2019

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Pupil of the Month:
Mr. Faherty - Oscar
Mr. Ráamonn - Donagh
Ms. Dunne - Eoin
Ms. Crosbie - Daniel

Pupil of the Month:
Mr. Glynn - Ben
Mr. Dillon - Josh
Ms. O'Connor - Rory
Mr. Murtagh - Patrick
Mr. Geraghty - Harry

Mr. Ryan says farewell to his "Battery Boys" - Harry, Ryan, Conor, Ryan (and Ben) and welcomes a new group will assume the responsibility next year - Harvey, Kerrin, Sam and James. Our hard work has paid off with St. Pius winning a WEEE prize for bringing in the most batteries of all the schools in South Dublin.

Well done especially to Mr. Geraghty's and Ms. Redmond's classes (represented here by Eoin and Cody) for being the best two battery collecting classes in St. Pius.

Well done to our Junior White medallists who received their medals at today's assembly. Thanks Ms. Corcoran and Mr. Smyth.

Mr. Kealy's Boys Visit the Farm

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Judo Jubilance

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Donnacha in Ms. Stewart's class won a bronze medal in the National Judo Championships at the weekend. Wonderful!!

Football Blitz in Bushy

Second class boys had a great day in Bushy Park at the football blitz on Tuesday. Well done especially to Jamie, Tristan, Conor and Alex, the most enthusiastic and dedicated team!!

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Breathing Activities (Friday)

Wellness Week in Full Swing

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Mobile Farm Comes to St. Pius

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Junior Infants at the Farm

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Junior Sports Day 31st May 2019

For senior sports day pictures go to Sports Day
Enjoy our Bird's Eye view of Bushy Park with sports day in full swing