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Ms. Carroll, Ms. Redmond, Ms. Stewart

Ms. Devenney's Boys

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Mr. Kealy's Boys

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Ms. Brogan

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An Oasis of Tranquility

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Harry and Ciarán, Zen Masters of the week, have shown great composure in their Wednesday mindfulness sessions.
A word of thanks to Oasis Florists and Garden Centre, Terenure Road North, who kindly gifted us this lovely Christmas tree.

Annual Pius VDP Appeal

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We invite you to donate non-perishable and luxury food items to our annual St. Vincent de Paul collection coordinated by our sixth class boys. The generosity over the last number of years has been incredible. Final day for donating – Wednesday 12th December.
Our annual 'Carols In The Yard' collection for VdP takes place on our last day – Friday 21st December - at going home time. Thank you.

Christmas Timetable 2018

Be sure to come along. No ticket, no entry fee, just pure entertainment. Bring Gran, Grandad and Uncle Tom. The plays tend to start right on time (and sometimes even a minute or two early) - because it's hard to contain the excitement of the younger ones - and they're very short (generally between 15 and 30 minutes). We'll do our very best not to change this schedule - but things happen. So check with teacher close to the big day.
Don't be late now, y'hear!!

GDPR: If you take photos or videos of the show, do NOT share these on social media sites or on any public forum.

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