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Pizza Time

Ms. Stewart's boys had a reward day on Friday during which they made (and ate) some delicious pizzas.

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Duel in the Pool

Last Wednesday St. Pius boys swim team participated in a gala hosted by Willow Park school, our main rivals in this sport We had thirty boys competing, the largest turn out ever. Most of the team swim competitively, with a few boys making their debut. Willow won the competition in the end, with our boys taking second place and St. Michaels third.
Conor Kenny, captain of the team, waited all day for his race but it was worth it. Conor’s butterfly technique was flawless and he rocked home to win both this event and the U13 IM. Another Conor… (Ward) took home five….yes five medals from the gala.
Cillian and Aaron Murphy hardly caused a ripple in the water with their fantastic diving techniques and took home three medals a piece. Jake Dolan won the U13 backstroke event too, with a fantastic performance. St. Pius also won four relay medals in both the U10 and U12 medley and freestyle events.
Ms. Goddard
P.S. If you would like to be considered for the St. Pius X swim team for the forthcoming Leinster championships in January 2017, start practicing your swimming strokes and able to swim 50m without stopping. Always be supervised by an adult….always!
St. Pius Swim Team 2016
Cillian Murphy, David Carroll, Ollie O’Leary, Conor Markey, Peter Lahiff, Liam Foran, Robbie Frost, Eoghan Costello, Aaron Murphy, Lorcan Friery, Conor Brown, Conor Ward, Sam McNamara, Sam Lewis, Nathan O’Callaghan, Matthew Roche, Eoin Fegan, Daniel Beirne, Morgan Nugent, Jake Dolan, Bradley Cummins, Jonas Nyberg, Killian Daly, Ethan Garrigan, Luke Morgan, Cillian Byrne, Kian Reddy, Sean Boylan, Scott Dillon and Conor Kenny.

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Pupils of the Month

Winners of our Pupil of the Month certificates, presented at Assembly on Thursday:
Dillon Thornton – Attitude to Fitness
Toby Coleman - Handwriting
Sean Denvir - Handwriting
Matthew O’Shea – Procedural writing
Bill Donegan - Art
Nathan O’Callaghan – Attitude to school
Paul McGorian – Healthy Eating
Morgan Nugent – Gaeilge
Lorcan Friery – Healthy Eating

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100% Attendance Records

Boys in third to sixth classes who didn't miss a day at school last year were presented with their attendance certificates at assembly on Thursday.
Eoin Leen
Conor Fennell
Peter Lahiff
Luke Mitten
Henry Waters
Michael Murphy
James Wallace
Haran Murphy
Oisín Costello
Ray Meade
Tomás McEntee
Adam Lynott
Faolan Frain
Jonas Nyberg
Patrick Kelly
Kevin Hogan
Éamon Cassidy
James Lynagh
Sam McNamara
Robbie Frost

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Fitness Tips

Here's an easy way to remember your fitness exercises . . .

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As part of Mathsweek the boys from Ms O’Connor’s class are actively engaged in Fraction Fun. Each teaching station has a different activity associated with it. Interactive whiteboard tasks, pencil and paper problems, concrete material usage, Fraction Board Games and our newly acquired iPads all make up the fraction learning experience. As you can see ALL the boys have taken to the new technology like ducks to water (not just a fraction of them)!!

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Senior Infants in Bushy

The Senior Infants classes em(bark!)ed (haha!) on a nature walk to Bushy Park in search of the signs of Autumn.

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Some of our students making good use of our new iPads during Power Hour - our new iPad station was a very popular part of Ms. Kennedy's literacy programme.

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Running Club

Running club has been going from strength to strength. This year we have even more boys than any of the years previously. It is brilliant seeing so many happy and well-mannered boys down at Bushy Park every Friday. The boys are always eager to get started when they arrive. We have had a number of sessions since we returned to school in September having completed the much enjoyed and talked about Hill Challenge last Friday.
We are going to take a break now after the mid-term and will resume again in the New Year. We hope that the boys continue running in the evenings and at the weekends to keep up their fitness.
We are encouraging the boys to follow the “Fitness For Life” initiative starting in the school. This will encourage the boys to focus on three aspects of themselves
1. Physical Activity
2. Nutrition
3. Wellbeing
Well done to all the boys who have come down every Friday and taken part in the running club. Thanks too to its coaches Ms. Smith, Mr Smyth, Ms Brennan Ms Carroll and Mr Coyle for giving their time on Friday afternoons.

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PIUS - Fitness For Life

This is a new and exciting initiative, launched in St. Pius X BNS to promote the importance of physical activity, healthy eating and well-being for each and every child in our care. There are three aspects to Pius Fitness for Life: Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellbeing.
1. By having the children engage in Physical Activity it is hoped that this will kick-start in each child a lifelong love of exercise.
2. By educating children about the importance of Nutrition, we wish to make each child aware of the importance of eating healthily for body and mind!
3. Wellbeing is the third area which is paramount to this initiative. By engaging with physical activity and eating healthy foods kids have more energy and are more responsive in class. Furthermore, being fit and healthy has been proven to improve your mood.

How the initiative will work?

Each week, there will be three different exercises on the school website complete with a video demonstrating how each exercise can be properly executed. The three exercises included each week will be 1) Upper Body 2) Lower Body 3) Core Strengthening. These are for all fitness levels and we are encouraging parents to dust off your trainers and give these a go with your child. You never know, you might enjoy it!!

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is central to a child’s ability to focus and perform to the best of his ability in school. To use the analogy “You wouldn’t put dirty diesel into your car” sums up the importance of good nutrition. The same goes for the human body. In order to achieve maximum output, it is very important that the right foods go in. National organisations like Safe Food Ireland recommend that these should include protein (meats, fish, eggs, nuts) healthy fats (eggs, nuts, nut butters, pesto, avocado, cheese) and complex carbohydrates (vegetables, rice, wholemeal bread, pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lentils, couscous, quinoa). As you may already be aware, our school policy recommends that each child should also have a portion of fruit at small break. Below are listed tips from Safe Food Ireland, towards creating a nutritious lunch for your child which will contribute to increased energy, focus and a healthier body.
Seven steps to creating healthy, varied and interesting lunchboxes:
1. Include a wide variety of foods - starchy foods, protein, dairy, and fruit and vegetables.
2. Try to offer different foods every day - no one wants to be eating a ham sandwich five days a week!
3. Vary the types of bread e.g. pitta bread, bagels, wholemeal rolls - keep a stock in the freezer.
4. Cook extra rice/pasta in the evening - these can make interesting salads (cooking an extra portion of dinner can be a great alternative to making a lunch!)
5. Theme your lunchbox on a different country, e.g. Italian - try a pasta salad, Mexican fill flour tortillas.
6. Home-made soup (in a Thermos flask) is great for cold days, while salads are light and refreshing for warmer weather. Both are packed with essential vitamins and minerals.
7. Fluids are important for children - up to 6 cups of fluid should be encouraged daily. Milk and water are the best options. Straws and brightly coloured drinks bottles can make rehydrating more interesting!

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Daniel - Video (Squat)

Joe - Video (Plank)

Matthew - Video (Pushup)

Mr. Murtagh - Video (Class Action)

Above are three exercises including an upper body, lower body and core exercise. Matthew, Daniel and Joe from Mr. Murtagh’s 5th class will be walking you through how to complete each exercise using correct form at all times to ensure that there is no risk of injury.
The children of St. Pius BNS are being encouraged to give these exercises a go and parents are invited to join in too! We are recommending (in line with programmes such as Fit4Skool and Super Troopers) that the following amounts of time should be spent exercising each evening as part each child’s homework:
Junior Infants, Senior Infants & First Class: 5 Minutes
Second Class & Third Class: 10 Minutes
Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Class: 15 Minutes
This is St. Pius BNS’ new initiative which it is hoped, will promote increased opportunities for physical activity & healthy eating.
Each week a different class will be in charge of explaining three new exercises to all the boys in the school and these exercises will then be the exercises to be completed for homework each night that particular week. This promises to be an exciting and fun programme. Keep active and most of all ENJOY!!!

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