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St Pius X Erasmus+ Trip to Malaga

An enthusiastic group of staff from St Pius X BNS went to Malaga over the Easter holidays as part of an E-Twinning initiative organised by European Era and Léargas.

While there, we attended a two-day course on Digital Technologies for use in the classroom and a further two-day course on Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communication and Team Building. We learned of the importance of preparing pupils effectively for a digital age and how, as educators, we can better equip ourselves with the skills necessary to incorporate Robotics, 3D Design, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into our teaching. The benefits will be better engagement by pupils, customised, immersive learning across a wide range of subjects and more positive, collaborative experiences gained in a secure environment.

The sessions on Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communication and Team-Building were very informative. We learned that by engaging in these practices regularly in our classrooms and everyday lives, we can help to maintain supportive relationships with pupils, facilitate them in building connections and making changes.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with our colleagues and putting into practice some of the techniques learned.

While in Malaga, we also got to experience some of the Easter Processions that are famous in Spain and to savour the vibrant atmosphere and culture among colleagues and new friends.


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