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One for the St Pius mathematicians and cycling enthusiasts!

Mathematicians and cycling enthusiasts Charlie, James and Devan from Ms. Stewart’s, and later Logan and Lucas from Ms. Crosbie’s, were busy with Ms. O’Neill’s Numeracy Club. They decided to count how many bicycles and scooters were parked at St. Pius X BNS on the morning of Friday April 16th. It was a fine sunny morning, perfect for a cycle or scoot, so the racks were full to capacity. A sight to behold, all parked carefully, it was like our own mini-Amsterdam!

The boys used a ‘click counter’ to double check their count and found 75 bikes and 33 scooters. They did a quick addition sum and discovered a grand total of 108 push-powered vehicles!!

Well done to each and every one of those 108 boys who scooted or biked to school this morning. . . and not forgetting the boys who walked! We are very proud of you all. You got some fresh air and exercise, and you are helping to save the planet one step, push or pedal at a time. Maith sibh! Is fear an tsláinte ná na táinte!!

There may well be nine million bicycles in Beijing but there are 108 bikes and scooters in St Pius. . . and that’s a fact!!!


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