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Advice from a Tree!

This year during Wellbeing Week I am encouraging the boys to take ‘Advice from a Tree’

The life-cycle of a tree is so much longer than our own, so they could certainly be considered old and wise! If they could speak what kind of things might they tell you? Have a think about it! Below are some ideas.

Advice from a Tree

Reach for the sky.

Stand tall and proud.

Be flexible; bend don’t break!


Never stop growing.

Branch out!

Go out on a limb!

Turn over a new leaf!

Be a good bud!

Support yourself and others.

Stay hydrated.

Remember your roots.

Stay grounded.

Be content in your natural beauty.

Start small; remember, from the tiny acorn the mighty oak grows!

Enjoy the view!

. . . it’s ok to be a bit sappy sometimes!!!

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