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Wellbeing Week 2021

Everyone is looking forward to St. Pius Wellbeing Week 2021 from Monday 31st May-Friday 4th June!

The boys can wear their tracksuits each day.

No formal homework!!  Just choose a selection of activities from the Wellbeing Menu which will be given to each boy on Monday. Some of them could be done ‘en famille.’

For your convenience, instructions for the Pizza Massage are below.


Do this on someone’s back at home.

Then, ask them to do it for you!


                                    PIZZA MASSAGE


Knead the dough with your fingers and knuckles.

Roll out the dough with your knuckles.

Spread the tomato paste with the flat of your hands.

Grate the cheese on the pizza by moving your knuckles up and down the back.

Sprinkle toppings of your choice on pizza. (onions; cheese; pepperoni; mushrooms etc). Dot them on all over the pizza with your fingertips.

Rub your hands together vigorously to warm them up.

Spread your hands over the pizza to cook the pizza.

Slice the pizza with the sides of your hands.



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