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BT Young Scientist Primary Science Fair

St. Pius X BNS was represented at the BT Young Scientist competition by 3 boys in Mr. Geraghty’s class. The boys took the initiative and asked Mr. Geraghty could they enter and worked independently to put together a really interesting project. Well done to Hugh, Cormac and Daniel. Here is a short report completed by one of the boys.

“For those who don’t know the BT young scientist is a science competition. It is made up of two groups the first group is made up of primary school students From third to sixth class they compete in the primary science fair. the second grope is for secondary school students from 1st to 6th year. Now that you know what it is I will tell you about what happened there. Hugh Daniel and Cormac in Mr. Geraghty’s sixth class competed in the primary science fair on the 12th at the RDS in Dublin their project was on magnets specifically how they can improve our future. the project was made up of three parts the first part explained the basic science behind how magnets work and a brief history this was made by Daniel the second part was about the role magnets play now around the world this was made by Cormac the final part was on how they can improve our future, and this was made by Hugh. 

On the day of the event, they arrived with their projects and Hugh’s homemade magnet once inside they set up their posters and the magnet and Daniels magnet bored game they then explained their project to people who stopped. they also let people use the homemade magnet after two hours a photographer stopped and took photos another hour later a Judge came over and asked Hugh Daniel and Cormac to explain their part of the project. you will be glad to hear that the judge liked their project at the end of the Exhibition they were given a plague showing their involvement in the 2023 BT primary science fair”.

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