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Luke’s Big Performance

Luke in Mr. Geraghty’s 6th class played his part in the recent St. Patrick’s Day parade through his stage group, the Showstoppers. Well done Luke

Luke has wrote a short recap of his experience.

“Being part of the St. Partick’s day parade was a huge milestone. I am in the showstoppers stage school, and they were picking dancers to feature in the parade. 1 group was called Bui bolg and the other was Disney. About a week later I found out I would be performing for Bui bolg. The group had to do around 5 hours of rehearsals plus practice at home. I was so excited and loved every rehearsal. When the day finally came, I got ready and headed for town. When we arrived, our teacher came over to round up the group. We did a quick practice and went to see our float. It was a huge QR code with a bee in the center. There were lots of bands and performers with crazy costumes and face paint. After this, all we could do was wait. And after a lot of waiting, it was time to go on. The cars started to move, the music began to play, and we started our dance. This continued for another 2 and a half hours. There were lots of cameras and photographers taking photos and broadcasting us onto the internet. By now everyone was exhausted, but we were nearly done. The crowd gave us a big cheer, and everyone did their final moves”.

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