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Graham’s Snail Hotel!

Graham from Ms.Pleamonn’s 2nd Class recently decided to set up his very one snail hotel. He wanted to learn some more about snails and researched five facts about snails he wanted to share with you.

– When they feel threatened, they usually retreat into their shell to protect themselves.

– The largest land snail is the Achatina achatina, the Giant African Snail.

– Most snails live from 2 to 5 years, but in captivity, some have exceeded 10 or 15 years of age.

– In France, edible snails are “escargot,” a word that also applies to a dish made with them, which is an appetizer.

– Snails do not change shells when they grow up.” Instead, the shell grows along with them.


He is joined in this photo by his friend Shane from Ms.Devenney’s 2nd Class.



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